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The Enterprise Technology Center of Xi’an Beilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, which was identified as Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center by Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Xi’an Customs, Shaanxi Provincial Office. SAT, Financial Department of Shaanxi Province and Shaanxi Local Taxation Bureau. Under the Enterprise Technology Center, there are four divisions of administrative office, Quality Control Department, R&D Department and Technical Department, mainly responsible for the re-registration of the products, quality control, trial and test of the products as well as R&D of new products and technologies etc.
     The Enterprise Technology Center collects highly qualified R&D talents and professional and technical personnel. There are 56 researchers and technicians at present, among which 43 persons have bachelor and above degrees and 8 persons have senior professional titles. The Enterprise Technology Center is not only the base of cultivating high-level scientific and technical talents, but also the source of enterprise’s independent innovation.
     In order to speed up the construction of innovative system and ensure the transformation of scientific achievements, the “SHILI TCM Innovative Team” was organized in 2014, specially responsible for solving the technical problems in daily production. In recent three years, this team cumulatively has solved more than 100 technical problems, applied for over 20 Xi’an Municipal Quality Innovative Achievements, declared over 10 patents of invention and headed up 2 R&D projects, vigorously promoting the construction of the company’s capacity for independent innovation.

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